Is A Substance Abuse Problem Tearing You And Your Family Apart?

  • Are you a parent who fears you’ve lost your teen to drugs and alcohol?

  • Are you driving away the ones you love because you can’t control your addiction?

  • Do you continually make promises to quit, but always go back to using?

  • Do you fear you or your teen will ruin your lives or even die at the hands of drugs or alcohol?

  • Do you long to banish substance abuse from your life, but fear change is impossible?

Whether you’re the parent of a teenager who’s suffering from addiction or are personally fighting an ongoing battle with your own substance abuse problem, drugs and alcohol are undoubtedly destroying the peace and harmony of your household.

Perhaps you are an adult struggling to break free from an addiction. You might find drugs and alcohol provide you with comfort when you’re feeling down – they don’t judge you or ask anything of you and can even seem like your best friend at times. However, your substance of choice may actually be your worst enemy, wreaking havoc on your family life and career. At work you might experience decreased productivity, often arriving late or not showing up at all. Your relationships are probably not doing well either. You might act hostile and aggressive when confronted about your substance abuse and lash out at those around you. You might disappear from home for several days to go on a binge, only to return home to a resentful partner.

Alternatively, if your teen has started to experiment with drugs and alcohol, you might have noticed unsettling behavioral changes. Your teen might be acting defiant, obstinate and withdrawn, perhaps missing school on a regular basis, coming home reeking of drugs or having repeated encounters with police. Perhaps you worry your teen is going to overdose or will become a runaway. You may cry yourself to sleep thinking you’re a bad parent and desperately ache to get back the child you once knew. However, you may fear your teen’s substance abuse is beyond your control.

Regardless of your situation, by now you might have hit rock bottom, having burned more bridges than you can count. Your greatest fear may be that you’ll eventually die alone and destitute under a bridge somewhere, and you may not know how to or if you can stop. You may long to have someone take you by the hand and tell you that everything is going to be okay, but fear people won’t want to get their hands dirty with your addiction.


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You Don’t Have To Be a Slave To Drugs and Alcohol

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