Have You Developed An Unhealthy Dependency On Prescription Medication?

  • Do you need to take pills in order to get yourself through the day without shaking, sweating or becoming nauseous?

  • Have you been shopping doctors or traveling abroad in a relentless pursuit of your drug of choice?

  • Has your prescription drug use negatively impacted your reputation at work and/or your relationships with friends and family members?

  • Do pills cause you to become so incapacitated that you are unable to function normally?

  • Do you long to take back your life from prescription drugs, but fear that the withdrawals will be too painful to bear or that seeking help will expose you to judgment, ridicule and shame?

Like many people who are dependent prescription drugs, your addiction likely began with a legal prescription from your doctor. You may have been recovering from surgery or a traumatic injury and took medication to ward off intense physical pain. Perhaps fearing your pain would return or feeling allured by the warm, pleasurable effects of the drug, you may have refilled your prescription many times until you were turned away by your doctor.  Desperate to feel the drug’s euphoric effects, you may have resorted to shopping doctors, paying physicians to write you prescriptions or purchasing drugs illegally from Mexico or Canada. You may have even tried to buy drugs off the street, possibly putting yourself in risky situations. 

When high you might act slow, confused and slurred, potentially causing problems in your career and family life. You may often arrive late to work, miss family functions, neglect household responsibilities and be physically and emotionally incapacitated. Your greatest fear may be losing your family, your job or both. Perhaps you desperately want to restore your reputation at work and regain the respect, admiration and love of your spouse and children, but fear you may not be able to live a life free from pills.

A Hidden Epidemic

Most people who suffer from prescription dependency never imagined their lives would revolve around a tiny white pill. Prior to their entanglement with prescription drugs, many users believed that addiction only happened to other people living in the other part of town. They never imagined that a drug dealer could look like a doctor, or that a drug deal could happen during their lunch break in broad daylight. However, drug addiction can happen anywhere and to anyone, regardless of whether you’re a high-powered lawyer, an investment banker, a stay-at-home mom or someone living on the fringes of society. Truth be told, countless people all over the country share your same story, but their stories are often left untold. There is a stigma attached to drug dependency, and many people fear being labeled a “drug addict,” often causing them to hide their problem and suffer in silence. Thankfully, prescription drug abuse treatment can offer you a safe, confidential space where you can get the tools and support you need to heal from your addiction and regain control of your life.

Perhaps you’re ready to try prescription drug abuse treatment, but have some questions and concerns…

I’m afraid I’ll have to go cold turkey.

If you’re worried about having to go cold turkey right away, don’t. Each week we will work gradually toward your recovery by taking small, manageable steps aimed at helping you reduce the harm you’re doing to yourself and others. We’ll set realistic, obtainable goals and celebrate each triumph you make along the way.

I don’t need the help of prescription drug abuse treatment.

If your spouse is threatening to leave you, if you’ve been arrested, if you’ve spent your life savings on drugs or are no longer able to take care of your children, your current methods for quitting are not working. With the guidance and support of an addiction specialist, you’ll be able to use proven strategies for quitting, many of which you may have not tried before.

I’m worried people will judge me if they find out I’m going to prescription drug abuse counseling.     

Unless you’re threatening to harm yourself or others, or if a is subpoena involved, nothing you share with me will ever leave my office. I work within a strict confidentiality policy. Sessions with me are private.

It’s Possible To Feel Like Yourself Again

Take the first step. Call me at (914) 434-9945 for a free 15-minute phone consultation. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about prescription drug abuse treatment and my practice. 


A 45 minute session is $130.


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