Do You Or Others Have Concerns About Your Alcohol Use?

  • Is alcohol negatively impacting your ability to succeed in your career, have a healthy relationship with your partner or raise your children?

  • Are you afraid you’ll have alcohol withdrawal symptoms during an important business meeting and lose your job?

  • Have you had more DWIs than you care to admit?

  • Has your partner become so fed up with your drinking that he or she has threatened to leave you and take the kids?

  • Do you long to thrive in your career and keep your family, but aren’t sure you can (or even if you really want to) give up drinking?

When you’re abusing alcohol or stuck in the clutches of alcoholism it can feel as though your life is spinning out of control. Perhaps you’ve spent multiple days on the couch recovering from hang overs, causing your children to wonder why mommy or daddy is sick all the time. Your relationship with your spouse is likely taking a turn for the worse. The two of you might often have heated arguments about neglecting household responsibilities, spending too much money on alcohol or lying to cover up your addiction. What’s worse, your spouse may have threatened to leave you, pack up the kids and move in with the in-laws. You may long to keep your family together, but have started to feel hopeless, alone and afraid.

Alcohol can also have a negative impact on your career. You might regularly arrive late to work, come in smelling of alcohol or have countless unexcused absences. While working you might experience the symptoms of withdrawal - headaches, sweating, shaking or nausea. To calm your nerves you might take periodic sips of alcohol throughout the day and perhaps can’t stop thinking about the first drink you’ll have after work. Perhaps you’ve tried to cut down or stop drinking countless times on your own, but always end up back in a familiar pattern of use. At this point you might be desperate to keep your family and job, but fear admitting that you have a problem and reaching out for help.

Perhaps you’re ready to break free of destructive drinking patterns, but have questions and concerns about alcohol abuse treatment…

I don’t have a problem. I don’t need the help of alcohol abuse treatment.

If your spouse is threatening to leave you, you’ve had multiple DWIs or you need to drink alcohol just to ward off the symptoms of withdrawal, you might have a problem with alcohol abuse and should consult a professional or support group.

I can get through this on my own without the help of alcohol abuse treatment.

If you’ve made numerous attempts to quit drinking but failed each time, your current methods for quitting aren’t working. As your therapist, I can teach you skills, tools and strategies that you perhaps haven’t used before. You’ll have a professional, trained therapist at your side who knows and understands what you’re going through and has tools proven to help.

I’m afraid I’ll have to commit to abstinence.

If you’re afraid you’ll have to quit drinking for life, you won’t necessarily have to. At the beginning of your treatment I can help you make small, tangible changes that will gradually help you avoid risky situations, improve your emotional and physical health and repair your relationships with your family. While I might encourage you to abstain at some point, abstinence will always be your choice to make.

It’s Possible To Live A Life Free From Alcohol Abuse

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