Are Illicit Drugs Stealing Your Chance To Live A Healthy, Productive Life? 

  • Have you developed an unhealthy dependency on crack, cocaine, heroin, meth, psychedelics or another illicit drug?

  • Do you spend far too much money on drugs, perhaps even stealing from friends and family members to maintain your addiction?

  • Are you worried an overdose is just around the corner and that your children will grow up in a one-parent household?

  • Are you desperate to keep your family, career and all of the things you have built for yourself, but can’t imagine a life without drugs?

Like many people who struggle with addiction, perhaps you started abusing drugs because you felt something was missing from your life. Getting high might make you feel as though you are an entirely different person, someone stronger, more resilient, charismatic, sociable and attractive – perhaps the kind of person you always wanted to be.

Although drugs can make you feel like a superhuman, they are likely wreaking havoc on your reputation, career and family life, not to mention your physical and emotional health. Perhaps you often arrive late to work or have difficulty performing well because you stayed up late using the night before. Alternatively, you might use drugs to boost your work performance, thinking that they enhance your energy and creativity. Unfortunately your casual pick-me-up might have quickly developed into an unhealthy dependency. Perhaps you find yourself using drugs throughout the day to maintain your energy level and elevate your mood. Your greatest fear may be that your boss is going to find out about your “bathroom breaks” and that you’ll eventually loose your job.

Your drug habit is probably devastating your family, too. You may be physically and emotionally unavailable for your children, perhaps missing family functions and spending countless afternoons on the couch recovering from late-night binges. You may act angry, hostile and aggressive when confronted about your addiction, causing your partner, family members or friends to wonder what happened to the sweet, loving person they used to know. If you’re in a relationship, your partner may have gotten to the point of giving you an ultimatum: “quit using drugs or I’ll pack up the kids and leave.”

Perhaps you’re ready to try drug abuse treatment, but have some questions and concerns…   

 I don’t have a problem. I don’t need the help of drug abuse treatment.

If you’re spending your life savings on drugs, if your spouse is threatening to leave you or you’ve gotten arrested or put yourself in risky situations, it’s probably time to seek help. Therapy can offer you the support you need to solve these problems and more

No one understands me. You can’t understand me.

Believe it or not, your situation is not unique. Countless people suffer from addiction, and many of them have been able to recover through the help of drug abuse treatment. With support, the right approach and a willingness to make positive changes in your life, you can recover, too.

I’m afraid someone will find out about my addiction if I go to drug abuse treatment.

I work within a strict confidentiality policy. Unless you are threatening to harm yourself or others or if a subpoena involved, nothing you share with me will ever leave my office. Sessions with me are private. No one needs to know. 

Drug Abuse Treatment Can Help You Get Your Life Back

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A 45 minute session is $130.


I am an out of network provider. Please contact your insurance company as some plans will offer reimbursements or partial reimbursements for out of network providers. 

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