Substance abuse treatment begins with evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy. Most clients require up to a year of one-on-one talk therapy. Some important issues to explore include: substance usage, medical problems, underlying psychological issues, social issues (including family and friends), job concerns and legal problems.

The work is a collaborative effort with therapist and client working together to help the client move forward. Clients are encouraged to utilize outside support groups, exercise, engage family support, and maintain a job or participate in volunteer work.

Here are some things I’d like you to know:

•  I’m glad you’re here – it’s a great start.

•  Everything that is communicated between us is absolutely confidential.

•  My focus is on clients who are struggling with substances,and wherever you are, I can say with 99% certainty that I’ve been there too.

•  Informational phone conversations are welcome.

•  Recovery will begin when you click here to contact me, either by phone or email: just to talk, to ask questions, to set up an appointment – anything.