NYS OASAS Provider for DWI/DUI Assessments

If you or someone you know has found themselves dealing with a DWI or DUI in New York state, they may be court ordered to receive an assessment from a licensed professional certified through NYS OASAS to create an assessment for the courts.

Scheduling an appointment with me as your certified OASAS Provider, you can expect to discuss the details of your DWI/DUI offense, and any previous offenses, as well as your history of drug and alcohol use, your mental state, your current employment and employment history, relationships with family and friends, and go through a few questionnaires to help determine my recommendation for your need for further treatment. Recommended treatment is on a voluntary basis.

Many people find our sessions to be therapeutic, as it gives them an opportunity to sit down with someone and understand how they got to this point, if alcohol or substances have been consequential to you in the past, and ways to adjust behavior in the future, so as not to allow alcohol and substances to damage your health, reputation, and relationships.

Schedule Your Assessment

Contact me today to schedule your OASAS Assessment. I can be reached directly at 914-434-9945 or complete my contact form to ask any questions or request an appointment.