Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Cognitive behavioral therapy is widely used today to help those struggling with substance abuse and addiction. As a counselor, I focus on utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy methods to teach my clients how to recognize, analyze and understand their thoughts and behaviors. Teaching these methods allows a person to become aware of how their thoughts and behaviors play a role in their addiction. Having awareness of what thoughts and behaviors trigger addictive behaviors, ultimately allows the person to take control of their thoughts, and shift their behaviors to recover from addiction and live an overall healthier lifestyle.

Cognitive behavioral therapy also focuses on treating disorders, such as anxiety and depression, which often occur alongside addiction. Understanding and treating these disorders is imperative to helping in an individual’s recovery from addiction. Get Help


E. Scott Swanezy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction and substance abuse cases. He has a private practice in Westchester, NY.

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